Chassis Codes

Chassis Codes
The new Mini is known by several codes that differentiate the different body types. We've grouped them into two main groups; the 2002-06 cars we call the R53 cars. (We had to choose a code, so we picked the Cooper S, sportiest of the bunch.) The 2007+ cars are the R56 cars. All cars of the same group share body panels, suspension details, and lots more.

R50 - 2002-06 Cooper Coupe
R52 - 2005-08 Convertible (regular and S)
R53 - 2002-06 Cooper S Coupe

R55 - 2008+ Clubman and Clubman S
R56 - 2007+ Cooper and Cooper S Coupe
R57 - 2009+ Cooper and Cooper S, Convertible

Take a moment to figure out which group your Mini falls into, and then you can use the color-coded icons throughout the site to quickly figure out whether a product or info page applies to your vehicle.