MAF Translator Base Unit 2G DSM

  • Here it is, the legendary MAF Translator? It translates a GM air flow sensor into 4G63 ECU language. Why is this useful? It allows you to run a 3" GM mass air sensor instead of your restrictive and limiting stock one. The stock airflow sensor poses a significant restriction to intake flow, and also tops out somewhere around the 400 hp mark. The GM sensor is basically a big open pipe with a wire through it, and it can handle power levels far higher than the Mitsu unit.

    Plus, there's an additional benefit: The GM sensor can be plumbed in "blow through" mode, AFTER the turbocharger. That means you can run whatever atmospheric blow-off valve you want, and your car will never skip or stutter when the valve blows off.

    Not only does the MAF Translator translate, but it includes basic fuel trim controls so you can adjust the fuel delivery for injector size and other mods.

    Available only for 2G (95-99) Eclipse/Talon/Laser cars.

    Note: If you have a 1G with a 2G MAF already installed order the 2G unit as the only difference between the units is the connector.

  • SKU#: 029432G

    Shipping Weight: 3.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Mach V Motorsports

    Category: ECU Tuning and Boost Control

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